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yoon sena - my lovely girl ep1&2 © 
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yoon sena - my lovely girl ep1&2 © 
coqonu: "❤️ Rules are: Copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message. Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful. Spread the love ❤️ \( ^.^) /"


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Anonymous: "Hye guys! I just want to say how much I admire this blog so much. I've been following you guys since last year and I appreciate how you guys still posting krystal stuff because most of krystal blog I know disappear but you guys still going strong! so keep it up :D"

Thankyou very much~!


- mich@jinqki

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annoyed yoon sena

cutie yoon sena
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Anonymous: "asdfghjl the myungstal edits were perfect ^_^ throughout the drama I hope you can keep up with them ...I only love your blog *u* and you guys make the perfect Myungstal edits!!"

awww thanks so much hun, I’m so glad you enjoying the gifs ;]

I try to keep up as much as I can cause basically I watch the whole thing cause of my precious soojung and her acting is superb cute ~^^


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Anonymous: "Is krys' drama w subs up anywhere yet?"

yup! for HD you can watch it here

enjoy ^^


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Are you a stalker?

cat-dog relationship, who’s gonna win? xD