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Krystal for Lapalette 2014 S/S
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tracebacktime: "hello soojng, may I know why krystal deleted her instagram account?"

hello dear, she deleted her instagram because..

  1. she got hacked (someone tried to open her instagram acc)
  2. dating rumors between her and gdragon which eventually leads to gd’s fans sending hateful comments and bashing on her instagram.

and thats the reasons why she deleted her instagram acc - admin jinqki

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Anonymous: "considering krystal already deleted here IG (aw :-( ) , where did this come from? cant find it on f(x) and smtown's official fb pages. soojng(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92208122278/jung-soojungs-selca"

it came from starcast/naver but here :)

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Anonymous: "omg may i know where is this from/you got this? soojng(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93164981263"

Here :)

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flawless jung 
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July 28th, 2014

I will just get straight to the point. It’s been a year since my last follow forever so here is another because today marks my tumblr’s 3rd birthday, yay~ I actually wanted to say it’s been a tough almost two months for me to be honest (for personal and obvious reasons) with feelings and emotions swaying back and forth. But I want to thank the followers that are still with me even after my whole break down and semi weeks break from tumblr and my lack of activeness on here. I don’t know what I can do to ever repay you guys but thank you so so much for putting up and staying here with me.

And I also want to thank these wonderful people I follow for being the reason why my dash is full of life. I couldn’t have asked for a better list to follow.

♚senpai | ★people i consider friends (a message for each of you) |  ❤tumblr crush (as of 5AM) | mutuals

A & B:

♚adorableprince | affx | ★aishbaek | anti-chanyeols | baek-me-a-cake | baek-yu | ♚baekaid-o | ★baekfinger | baekheun | ♚baekhyu-n | baekhyunimnida | ★baekyeolovingg | baekyun | ★baekzone ★baexyun banhsoo | ★barbaekque beautaeous | blackhyun | ♚blondejongin | ★bynbae | ★byunbaekku | ★byunbunnie byunhoney | ★byunhun

C, D, E, F, H, I, J & K:

★chanliette | ★chanyeolife | ★cheolyans | ★dimplay | doitlikethis123 | ❤doksoo | ★dumbaek | ❤★dyosoo dyossuo | eururongs | exo4lyfe |❤exorgy | ♚exolutely | fqzpocky | happyvirus | holykyungsoo | hyper-b | in-do-isle | jesseseo | jongins | k-suho | ❤kaisooshipper | kaisore | krystals | ★ky-ngsoo kyung-soo | kyungso | ♚kyungsol | kyungsujagi | kyunqdae | ★kyunqdoo

L, M, O, P, S, V, W, X & Y:

leejinkii | ♚leuhans | littleshinee | luhanimnida | ♚★lulubaek | ★marshcoco | ★milklu | ★missjongdae | mrluhan | ★obaek oh-luhans | ★parkbaekyeol | ★parkjongs | ★phuonguyenx3 | ★princekyunq | ♚★pup-and-potato sehun88 | shouhu-tianshi | soojng | suhito | ★v-dyo | ♚wooyoung | xehunf | ♚xehunter | ★xiupermodel | yeollovemebaek | yixingofficial | yixingology

 englishsnow | larmoyante | vacants | qiuyee | y-eppeuji | yeppeuns 

BIGGEST FANS (as of 5AM): 
accapellu foxiedenise | fratboyau | korellana

I do apologize for not being able to list everyone that I want to because I’ve been kind of lazy so I will kindly throw my blogroll here as well. And lastly but not least, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank baekzone personally for making me this graphic. It is absolutely wonderful and I love it very much. Thank you so so much Syiraa. ♡
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rrrred lightttt;;krystal

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